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Nina Friedrich + BIO  by MarieFriedrich
Nina Friedrich + BIO
Nina Friedrich:
Date of birth: March 1854
Age: 40-41 years old
Height: 168 cm tall
Nina is John and Elisse’s mother. She earns her living by fixing clothing and sewing new attires for her clients. She is also a good designer and she dresses up her children: she sewed a couple of dresses for Elisse and she creates suits for John. Even though she is a good craftswoman, she can’t work with heavy outwear, that’s why her family is being sometimes frozen during cold winter periods. Nina is a widow. Her husband, John and Elisse’s father was a clock master. Unfortunately he was accidentally stabbed to death by a bunch of drunks. He was in a wrong place and a wrong time when their argue grew into a fight. Inspite of that accident, the family carries on and they are doing quite good without him. John turned into a great order keeper and even Nina, his mother, is afraid to get into his way. She can give him an advice, she can ask him, but she never orders him. John is aware that Nina stands against his methods about Elisse, but as she does nothing about it, he never presumes that Nina would release Elisse out of her locked room. 
Character: she is very kind-hearted and compassionate woman. Nina is a true mother. If John is strict to Elisse, Nina is always trying to help her, to say something neat and cheering. She is the one who helped Elisse to befriend with Sean, for example. Sometimes she can critique John so he doesn’t overwhelm his man of the family rights. 
Nina may seem to be tired. She lost her weight, she is pale, her face looks skinny, her eyes look exhausted, but she never feels blue. Nina is full of enthusiasm about their future and she is full of energy to continue what she does. Even sometimes some of little problems she faces everyday confuse her and she doesn’t know what to do. She just wants her family to be happy and wealthy.
Additionally: She has lighter, blonde looking hair than John and Elisse have. She also has brown eyes, like her children do. She is pale.
John Friedrich + BIO by MarieFriedrich
John Friedrich + BIO
John Friedrich 
Date of birth: January 1871
Age: 20-21 years old 
Height: 183 cm
John is also my main character, he belongs to the family the story is about. He is a composer, this is how he earns his living. He is a former conservatory student, but he took a one year break in order to help his relatives. He continues to get a home education and just attends the university to pass the exams, hand off his compositions and other tasks to his teachers. He is a kid music teacher and a freelance instrumentalist often performing with his university friends or solo for money. Most of his friends are musicians (with some of them he set up a quartet) or actors of their local theatre, which Valentine belongs to. John is the man of the family, even his mother is afraid to cross his road, which John constantly uses on his own purposes. As said below, he restricts every sister’s move, sometimes he even locks her when he is mad with Elisse. He has terrible relations with Sean and they always argue at any point. Sean may find John amusingly silly, but John obviously despises Sean.
Character: John has a lot of friends but all of them claim that John is a tough one. It’s very hard to support his mood and hard to keep him calm. John is a serious, even apathetic young man yet he easily goes mad with something. He is concrete about his thoughts and ideas, he never keeps anything shut if he has something to say or to do. Moreover, he is constantly being blamed by Elisse of being to rude and indifferent. Despite his harsh nature and serious mind structure, John loves to hang out with his pals and he is known for being a huge dog lover. Also his sexuality speaks volumes: he is 100% asexual. As he is a musician, he gets a wild female attention, but he totally ignores it yet realizes what it is about. 
John is a genial musician and a composer. Everything he does is connected with music. He took up violin before he learned to read (and was not the best talker). He watches if Elisse if practices the instrument. Again, if she doesn’t, he gets frustrated. Violin is the object of his tender love, but if musicians usually give names to their instruments, John’s violin doesn’t have one because the young man thinks it’s dumb to give it a name. He also plays piano, alt and cello. (In the alternate universe he also plays guitar and flute OTL) . His dog Matilda (I want her to be a Doberman so much, but it would be historically incorrect, and that’s why I’m so sad) even accompanies him and when he is practicing, Matilda starts to “sing”. She never hollows to Elisse’s play.
Elisse Friedrich + BIO by MarieFriedrich
Elisse Friedrich + BIO
I'm currently writing a book, from now I will draw my charas as chibi and post these pictures with some brief info.
Elisse Friedrich 
Date of birth: April 1876
Age: 18 years old.
Height: 163 cm tall
Elisse is my main character so as the rest of the members of the family and her friends ( Nina, her mother, John, her brother, Sean, her young man etc.) 
She is 2 years younger than her brother, who happens to be self-proclaimed man of the family. So she falls under a major influence and affection of her brother John. For instance, she took up music after John showed his great artistic talents, but not only music is her main influence. John is way too attentive of what Elisse does and who she befriends with. She is restricted to have any relations, and her only friend happens to be John’s best buddy Valentine and her pen friend Renate, an Austrian 15 yeared old ballerina. Due to circumstances she gets along with Sean, a “golden child”, son of a rich and acknowledged critic and immediately fells in love with him (Because she never had an opportunity to see boys and Sean was a first young man she had a chance to get to know, I assume). Being pushed both by Sean and John, Elisse suffers from severe hesitations and anxieties. 
Character: Elisse is a shy, but also a very emotionally unstable girl. She is given a wide opportunity to enlighten herself, read books, play music, go to theaters (with John or Valentine, of course), but she unconsciously misses it and finds herself stuck in her bedroom mindlessly starring out of the window before she is charged to cook the dinner for her exhausted after a hard working day brother. Sometimes Elisse bites and shows the harsh side of her character, but as both John and Sean are very strict and powerful, she is put in her place immediately. She was taught that these are men who set the rules. Elisse is kind and a compassionate girl, she loves animals. She even has two pet mice, both males. Yet people say that she is a “too depressed of a kind”. Yeah, you can tell so, she is a maudlin lass. She is used to be serving someone, but even she needs to take breaks from being that. That’s when she turns into a hysterical beast. 
Elisse does the house work when Nina and John do their jobs. 
As for her musical abilities, she has some, but by the time the story starts she lost her former interest to music. Her instrument is violin and a piano. She also attempts to do poetry.
I draw ugly things. But what's moreover is that I always get surprised that my oldest artworks presented in the gallery get over 1k views when my newest artworks get less that 100 in a whole month (Or more). Why is it so? Because of the art style? Or is there anything else?


Maria Friedrich
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I take USD commissions.


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